Friday, May 23, 2014

Leave the sufferer and attack the one who makes you suffer........

People are sadist, they make fun of naive who is an easy prey and leave the conniving

I don’t care if you read this or not… because life is unjust and I have realized that important things are often ignored while social jokes and honeymoon pics do not miss a single eyeball….

This is regarding AK going to jail for Gadkari defamation. Lot of people does defamation on each other every second day so why is his defamation is such a big issue. Alright if at all it is big then why everyone is venting their anger for AK on every damn social networking platform??? Does honesty is paid like this??? Don’t we know the truth regarding Gadkari??? By criticizing AK, are we not indirectly supporting Gadkari who may be involved in corrupt practices!!!! Is he a father of the nation that every citizen has come out to support him by using bad words for AK????

and what about Kejriwal’s defamation… is that allowed??? Is he not human??? we all make mistakes and we all get chance to rectify too because we are humans then why is AK’s mistake is stretched so far. Is there some difference between a mistake and a sin??? If yes then why are we supporting sin and criticizing a mistake?? AK is in jail to say what he feels is right. In that case why are then following people roaming around freely after abusing AK ????

Salman Khursid calls AK “Gutter Snipe"; Sheila Dixit calls him "Seasonal Insect (Barsaati Keeda)"; Narendra Modi calls him "Pakistani Agent"; Uddhav Thakare calls him an "Item Girl" Buttttt…..
Arvind Kejriwal calling Nitin Gadkari corrupt (with proof) Ohh it’s a big issue…. AK is a fool. He doesn’t think before he speaks … he is media hungry…. Lets all humiliate him everywhere ….

I knew life is unfair most of the time and people criticize the other person without even self examining. They say that he is dumb as if you are the father of Albert Einstein !!!!

Why on earth people can say anything they want but AK is wrong if he says just the truth…Is Nitin Gadkari everybody’s mamaji????

Who is not media hungry? Everyone needs fame. If I say that NDTV is doing a shoot with working professionals and wants to interview smart, young energetic people then two third of my friend’s contacts will ping me immediately for the opportunity. Hungry people calling others hungry????? wo angoor khatte hai na …..

We all know that India is in dire need of educated and honest government. After degrading AK on every damn social platform, I wonder do we really deserve an honest government??? I feel ashamed to see people criticizing AK like hell and so smartly forgetting the deeds of Ashok Chauhan (Adarsh scam), Navin Jindal (Coal scam), Shiela Dikshit (CWG scam) ….. and on the other hand we have left AK isolated to bear his mistakes all alone. No matter how pure his intentions are but he is a fool anyway..... Is desh ke lie gunda, tharki, awara and anpad sarkar hi thik hai (nation like India only deserves a crook, womanizer, cons and uneducated government representatives)

As the famous saying goes, dubte ko saab dubate hai… In case if your car is banged against another vehicle then you will not argue with a person coming out of mercedes but you will hell bent the rickshaw wala if he rams against your car. You see power speaks louder than good deeds…

I fail to understand, why there are no 'never ending degrading spoofs' against REALLY corrupt people….. Poor people are crashed, bashed and joked around but powerful people always taste the success and are never on receiving end of humilation. Stop wasting ur energy on a person who has already admitted his failure.

I guess I have put my point but highlighting one more time, honesty & dumbness always suffers miserably whereas corruption is indirectly supported or often ignored!!!!!!!

Democracy has several meanings and the one which is followed is never understood to me.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Trip of events or should we say rip of a trip

Tripped Journey

It all started with the Good news of our Good friend getting hitched. Being married myself, I wanted to alert her for the probable danger zone she was about to enter all awakened (pun intended). However no matter how much you want to rescue someone from the threat, anxiety makes the person jump into this marriage yacht. It is only after sometime that they realize that it is not a yacht but an ordinary boat with a hole.

Anyways, we all got ready and excited for this trip as it was a long time that we all didn’t go for any vacation. We started with the train bookings so to get confirm reservations in advance. We (Pooja, Ramya and me [Jia]) are based of Delhi and our journey was till Chandigarh, home town of Ananya, the bride). All ready and geared up with all the preparations in place (ticket confirmation / wedding dresses / bags / gift for the couple), we were waiting for the formal wedding invitation card to knock at our house. We also kept lot of woolens as it would be too cold in that city in the month of February. 

Jhatka number 01:

One fine day, Ramya called me to tell this shocking news….”Jia, shadi Chandigarh mein nai Ludhiana mein hai” (the marriage is not at Chandigarh but at Ludhiana). All our trip plans were shattered in an instant. Our confirmed tickets were for Chandigarh and its only 2 days left for the wedding. There was no time to cancel the old tickets and book the new ones till Ludhiana. Sob sob sob…. I told her that lets cancel the plan and we will courier the gift and wishes to the couple. However stubborn Ananya (the bride) insisted rather urged very potently that we take the train and come to Chandigarh. From Chandigarh station, she will arrange a cab till Ludhiana who will drop us very safely at the hotel aready been booked. We were annoyed as she didn’t even consider this important to inform us regarding the wedding venue but you know how girl friends are. They forget to mention important things but they will never forget to mention petty things like, don’t talk to strangers during your journey. We will definitely not forget to keep our lipsticks in our bag but we will definitely forget to keep the train tickets.

This is how we girls are especially when the girlie gang is together.

Now 1st half of our journey was in train and next few hours in a cab. Ramya and I were scarred to travel the 2nd half of the journey as we suffer from motion sickness (travel sickness and is caused by repeated motion which aggravates in a long car voyage). We thought that we will be reaching the shadi wala venue with vomiting all over the place. This was too much of a shock to handle for fragile girls like us, that too before boarding the train :P

Time finally came, it was the day of our travel. I woke up at 4.30 to catch the train at 7 o clock. Scarred of missing my train (inspired from Jab we Met), I tried to reach the railway station early. Also I got serious threatening from my friends because of my image of reaching late everywhere. So here I reached half an hour early standing alone at the station. Lot of uncles around starring and wondering where I would be heading alone with all the heavy bags. I didn’t want to put my luggage on the filthy floor and was standing and waiting with 1 of my bag lagged on one shoulder and 2nd bag on another. Slowly my shoulder started to ache. I didn’t have the tickets and so I didn’t even know my coach number. So standing and waiting for Ramya and Pooja was the only option.

Finally shouting from the distance, they reached me and we hugged each other (kumb ke mele mein bichri dosti).

We boarded the train finally, all settled down, pretending to read the newspaper waiting inquisitively for the breakfast (kuch nai khaya hua suba se yar…). Here came the breakfast but before taking the bite we promised each other that we will have lots of fun in this trip as it was a long awaited trip (aish karege puri trip mein – we will enjoy to the core). With this pledge, we ate the first bite…it was bad and hard. The cutlets were cold and so was the tea… unpalatable food. We tea addicts didn’t even get a good hot cup of morning tea… we called the manager and told him to replace our breakfast. Its only the tea which got replaced and that too bland. What service man X-( … cribbing and quarreling we reached Chandigarh.

Our cab driver was supposed to be there waiting for us but Ramya told the driver to wait for the instructions and then come and pick us from a place we will tell him later as one of her friend was coming to pick us from the station.

Jhatka number 02: 

As we were deboarding from the train, Ramya got a call from her friend saying, ‘tell your cab driver to come and take you from station and drop you at gurudwara wali road as I am unable to come to the station’. WTF!!!! Pissed…. irated… we called the cab driver to come and pick us from the station itself however he informed that he will take half an hour to reach the station as he is somewhere far. We had no option but to wait for him. As we were waiting, her friend called again and said, ‘tell the cab driver not to bother as I am coming to pick you guys’…. Ramya’s anger reached all time high…. It was already 10 min that we were waiting for the cab and this friend is informing us now that he can come to pick us???…Furious Ramya told the friend that we are coming by cab only and reaching the gurudwara wali road. Finally the cab arrived and we headed towards the road where the friend was to meet us. Unnecessarily we waited for more than half hour at the station carrying our entire luggage. Fought with him, went for a ride and then again back to our cab towards Ludhiana…hoping and praying that the motion sickness will not sick too much this time.

Jhatka number 03: 

Finally reached Ludhiana and we were told to reach the beauty parlour directly as there was no time left. However we insisted on stopping at the hotel to get fresh atleast. Shall do all other things hurriedly. As we entered the room, we started to flaunt our new sarees that we would be donning at the wedding. During this process, I opened the packing of my saree and realized that I was not carrying my petticoat (underskirt for saree). My saree was of net clothing and so it was impossible that my petticoat could be replaced with some other cloth of different color or length. It had to be shimmer blue petticoat matching my height. Ufffffff hhhoooooo ooouuuuuuuu. Shits…. Why did this happen to me. With great twinge in my heart, I told Ramya and Pooja that I will not go to the wedding and will wait in the hotel. They both scolded me and told me to take your clothes and we will see what could be done. They suggested that if we do not get appropriate petticoat then I may wear my old suit. 

Hearing this, I went into depression. All other girls are rouged as a glam doll wrapped in beautiful sarees and I am wearing an old suit. I will look like a maid to someone..  

Then we decided that we will seek parlour wali lady’s help. With all broken heart, I sat in the cab and we headed to the parlour hurriedly as we were already late. As decided we asked for the lady’s help asking for a spare petticoat. Tried matching 2 to 3 but none was suitable. She then told me to call my cabdriver so she can explain the way to the market as fetching readymade petticoat from the nearby market was the only solution. As we reached the market, I immediately started to flock from one shop to another asking In Punjabi, ‘virji, shimmer da blue petticoat chaida hega?’(brother, I need shimmer petticoat in blue color). One sardarni in Punjab and what waste if she doesn’t apply her Punjabi charms and put Punjabi tadka in her speech. Sabko pata chalna chaie, Delhi ki sardarni in Punjab now (everybody should know that Delhi’s Punjabi girl is in Punjab now). The shop owner replied, ‘bhehenji, us dukan to milega’ (sister, u will get it from that store). After flocking 2 to 3 stores finally I reached the right store. ‘Virji, shimmer da blue petticoat hega?’

‘Yes 1 minute…’, ye yippee… he has it he has it he has it!!!!! However from the far corner I could see him bringing the unstitched cloth,,,, ohh no, ‘I don’t have time for this. The marriage is in another half an hour and I have to rush get ready and reach the venue on time. pls get something which is already stitched,’ pat came my reply. The shopkeeper apologized as he didn’t have anything stitched L I requested him if he could stitch the petticoat in another 5 min and this was his reply …. ‘Hahahahahahaha, you must be joking’. After he was finished with his laugh, I asked him how soon could he be able to stitch the petticoat. He said, 1 hour… I don’t have time… ok half hour…. no 20 minutes….. The shopkeeper agreed finally… hhhooooo. I was bargaining on time as if I was standing in some fruit market arguing on apple and mango prices.

My eyes got glued to the wall clock watching every inch of the minute and seconds hand. 

My heart was pounding with each moving hand. 06:00 pm, 06:05 pm, then 06:08 … 06:12… time was running very fast and I was getting numerous calls from Ramya to come back soon. As the clock showed 06:30, I became frantic and got up from my seat to ask for the status and suddenly the owner (virjee, brother) handed me the packet of my stitched petticoat…. Ohh thank you so much. You are no less than a God to me. I could not wait to reach the parlour now. Hastily, sat in the cab, reached the parlour (very crowded by now with lot of weddings on the same day), got into my attire and sat on the available seat for my hairdo and make up. Quickly we got everything done and asked the parlour lady to bring our bill. We were not very happy with our makeup and hairdo still we thought to leave from there as we didn’t have any time left for alterations and the lady was doing a hash hash job on everyone due to the overload of customers. 

The boy then told us the bill amount, ‘it is 6.6’. We asked, 6.6 per head?? (we thought its Rs 660. that is so reasonable). He clarified its for 3 of you (my goddddd, I will always come to Chandigarh for beauty parlour, Rs. 660 is so great). Then again he clarified, watching our glorious faces, ma’am its six thousand six hundred. Our glorious faces turned to gloomy… hawa nikal gai (voooooooffffoooo). We would be bankrupt now for paying a bill of Rs.6600 for this shoddy job. 

Anyways we paid hurriedly accumulating all our chillers (pennies) and left. Reached the venue obviously late, ate snacks (damn hungry), clicked pictures (want to milk our money as much as we can coz we knew that we paid a huge amount) and met the couple (joked with jijaji and teased the friend). Things finally were falling into place except that it was so cold and we were scantily clad (wearing cut sleeves backless saris :O). Its ok, fashion is also important.

Ohh it was so cold that we were literally shivering and half of the area of the wedding was in open. After having dinner all we wanted was a warm blanket and a bed to sleep.


Jhatka no 4: 

Time to go, we called our cab driver to come at the entrance gate to pick us for the hotel. (A reminder: he has been excellent till now during our trip in taking us to all the right food joints and hurriedly helping us in picking our luggage’s etc., so options were bleak that he will put us in any kind of trouble). He didn’t answer the call. We thought that he must be somewhere away from the phone and so he will call back in 2 minutes. 10minutes passed and no call back. We called him again and still no answer. We called thrice and still no answer. Ramya, me and Pooja started to make him unlimited calls, redialing his number again and again with no answer. The scene was same until the clock showed 12.30 am and we started to call him at 12:00 am. Ohh shits… what is happening yar. We didn’t want to disturb Ananya’s brother because of this foolish thing and they have been already doing so much for us without us even asking. We went to dinner area to check for him where we last saw him. We went to all other places but he was nowhere to be found. Wearing high heels and saris made it difficult for us to walk so much. 

We kept on calling him as our luggage with our night clothes were lying in the cab itself. Then after awhile I realized that my wallet is also there in the cab. After few seconds, Pooja also made a confession that her jewellery is also there. Its not like that we are doubting him but you never know… anything could be possible at that moment. These last minute confessions made us worry even more. We also had to wake up early to reach Chandigarh on time to catch our return train. We were tired, upset, sleepy and shivering in cold.  

Time was running out and we would not be able to get a proper sleep in order to wake early. Without our stolls, and night as black as coal, we started to feel colder with each passing minute. We went to parking area to check for our cab if the driver could be sleeping inside but to no avail. It was 1 hour of searching that we gave up. We decided to call Ananya’s brother and asked for his help. He immediately called another cab and instructed the driver to drop us to the hotel. Thank god, atleast we could remove our sandals and would be able to get inside the blanket now. As we reached, we started to get even tenser as our bags were still in the car. We again tried to call the driver and this time finally he picked the call. Hello Madam, yes I am coming at the entrance. Ramya scolded him and told him to check number of missed calls on his cell. He apologized and said, ‘Madam meri aankh lag gai thi (madam I slept)’. We didn’t say anything else to him as we were glad enough that atlast he picked it. We told him to reach the hotel soon as we didn’t have any other clothes other than the one’s lying in the cab.

Me, Ramya and Pooja (typically prim, na├»ve and movie buffs who are charmed by prince charming coming on horse type stories….) said, “Please God, ab aur koi excitement mat dalna is trip mein, boring krdo is trip ko ek dum” (Please God, don’t put any new excitement in our trip, make it as boring as possible) – famous Kareena Kapoor’s dialogue from Jab we met movie… 

My story ends here coz seriously nothing happed after that. Rest of the journey was usual without any jhatkas as happens with rest of the world. We reached home safely after that too without any hassle. But all three of us experienced various moments of fear, shock, dilemma, disappointment, annoyance, betrayal, deceive, miserable at the same time feeling excited, cheerful, happy, emotional and spirit of friendship in a single trip which has made a casual trip to an unusual one.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Falling in love with a 50 year old

I understand that it is easy to say than follow, but this time it has come from my heart. I am not a regular blogger of course not by choice. Most occasionally I open my blog link with the hope of writing a blog today and think for hours for a suitable topic. And it happens always, I close the window and try to concentrate on other things, so to divert my mind from the urge of writing a blog and my helplessness to not been able to search an interesting topic, engaging enough for readers to read like a story.

This time the events on a particular day was falling in such order as if God wanted me to write a blog on the same soon after the day and the day's experience is over. 

It was an eventful day throughout but got exciting and thrilling as the day passed. It was a sunday morning supposed to be a resting and trouble free day. I woke up thinking that ‘today I will take care of myself and relax after a hectic office week’ only to realize that my maid had not come. It was heartening to even consider of me wasting another weekend on household work and wait for next weekend to think about me.

I somehow managed, worked, cleaned, cooked and then completely tired went to bed for some nap. My phone rang, boss calling…. Ohh no, please don’t call on a Sunday, this was the last thing I wanted to happen that too on a holiday.‘I am tired…please...’ however I picked the call anyway. He complained as I didn’t pick his call in the morning. I told him my current state of getting employed as a maid in my own house, he sympathized and said ‘then you would not be able to come at The Lalit Hotel’. My initial reaction was WHY would I??? After a brief frown and complain I remembered that yes… one of our client had a charity function at the hotel and have invited BOMAN IRANI for supporting the cause. Fumbled on how to react and instantly said, ‘yes I am coming’. But then realized and went into a thought as client never told us to be present there. I asked my boss if he was joking and saying it sarcastically. He said that he was serious. I again inquired if he was seriously serious, “mother swear” was his reply.

As I was already late in getting the message therefore I had little margin time to do anything else so without wasting any more time, I assured him that I will be there as soon as possible. I straight away got ready wearing my new Tshirt and trouser (after all, I will be meeting Boman Irani, one of my favorite actors). “I always dreamt of becoming an actress and if I will become one someday then would like to work with my favorite threesome, Boman, Arshad, Ritesh (I love comedy J)”. Ok, enough of dreaming, I am getting late. Speeding for getting ready, I wore the pair of sandals which was easily available and was lying out of the shoe rack. Then I left the house with a dream of getting clicked with him, even if we would be standing far from each other or if standing in a group.

On the road, I fetched an auto for metro station and told him to hurry up. As he was taking me to the station, one of his colleague auto wala told him that police van is standing ahead and there is no way that any auto can go till metro because the area is restricting the entry of autos. He dropped me 300 meters behind the station, I told him to atleast drop me somewhere nearby but he apologized. I abused him in my heart and gave him money with great twinge in my heart. Wearing a heel and running was not the option. As I was walking fast on rock laid street and was crossing the road, suddenly my foot tripped on a big rock and it broke my sandal as if it was taking its last breath. 

WTF was my immediate reaction. How much I have to struggle and suffer embarrassment to meet Boman Irani (50 year old who act as a father of most heroines in movies), my excitement started to dip and I cursed my decision of saying yes for coming for the event, that too on a Sunday knowing that I was exhausted since morning. Anyways, it was not a personal trip but an official one so I kept moving, stumbling, falling and yet going forward. I gave a call at home and asked my housemates to get a fresh pair of sandals but then I realized that waiting here for someone to come to me to get the sandals will waste another half hour of crucial time, so I called my housemates again to not to bother and assured them that I will get some cobbler here at the roadside. However there was none at the sight and as getting late was not the option, I took a richshaw till metro station. On the rickshaw, I tried to temporary fix it but to no avail. I got down and entered the metro station, realizing that the broken pair has decreased my speed of walking tremendously and that too when I was already late. 
I could see the angry and agitated face of my boss scolding me for coming late on every event. 

Fearful, I took my sandals in my hand and ran with bare foot like someone has stolen my purse. I ran the long pathway area to catch the metro. It was a huge lane that I traveled barefooted and starring eyes kept running with me. I entered the security area and then went downstairs to board the metro. Took a seat and watched my feet, entirely dust covered and brown in color. I cried watching my freshly pedicure feet in this state. As metro started to sped, I sat there relaxed and taking long breaths as no further running was required; I started to work on fixing my broken sandal. The strap did get inside but till how long it will stay there??? Bad thoughts bounded me, “I will face embarrassing glances at such a high profile event when I will walk stumbling in a 5 star hotel lobby”. I regretted on my another hasty decision of stopping my housemates for getting a pair of sandal from home L

Ohh God, is it a good day (chance to see and meet Boman Irani) or going to be a very very bad day. My sandal did get better after some alteration and I came out at Rajiv Chowk metro station. But as soon as I climbed the escalator, it broke again L

Uncertain about my future, I kept moving stumbling and falling to fetch the auto for The Lalit hotel. My mind was racing on the kind of looks I will have to bear from so called high profile page 3 people, if I walk with broken sandal or decide to walk bare foot. I consoled myself by thinking that, “I will set up a new fashion trend by walking bare foot ;) who cares….”

Watching me walking hesitant and staggering, one aged sardarji stopped and offered me ‘Quick Fix’ and said “beta ye laga lo, thodi der ke lie chapal chipak jaegi”. I was like J J J J J J He cannot be a common man, he is God who have come in disguise as a savior but why will God come on earth for such a petty issue of fixing my broken sandal? The issue is big for me but for God it is just another series of stupid decisions that I made on a single day one after the other. He is just another good Human Being. He stood there for more than 5 minutes to pierce the Quick fix bottle with the pin he pulled from his turban and then handed me the bottle saying, “lelo aaram se fix kar lo”. Just as the popular saying goes… “Insan hi insan ke kaam aata hai”, Here “sardar hi sardar ke kaam aaya hai” ;-)

I sat there on the stairs forgetting that I may be looking a fool and tried to get the strap inside the broken area on the right side of the sandal. Yeahhh yippeeee… It got inside and was not coming out. I stood and started to walk, heaaayyyyaaa I moved 5 steps without stumbling…. Yeahh I came out of the metro station without getting the strap out of the hole. The greasy substance and the whole process of fixing my sandal made my hands look like I had broken several rocks after working in a coal factory. Thik hai, 5 star hotels have bathrooms spacious and well equipped than our bedrooms at home. I will never keep 2 enlarged sofas, mirror at every wall, 4 hand moisturizer dispensers, 4 commodes separated by partition and 3 wash basins in my bathroom.

Okkk. Finally I can see the hotel entrance and got down from the auto blessing the auto wala as if he gave me a lift free of cost. Anyways I hurriedly entered the lobby and then the hall where the event was taking place. I could see my boss standing with the client looking at me. I hoped that he will not do the usual bashing in front of her but they welcomed me very graciously as if someone told them regarding my ‘Sandal breaking story’. I asked regarding Boman and they informed me that he has not come in yet and I was glad that I was on time and not missed his single glimpse or any part of his performance.  

After few dance performances from some groups which came from Kolkata, it was time for Boman to come on stage. I stood at the entrance of the hall along with the client and my boss. Here I can see him from far walking towards me, he was coming more closer to me… more close … more close and as he reached near the point I was standing, the client took him to enter the auditorium where he was supposed to sing, perform and entertain the audience. I followed him and entered the room and took a seat quickly so as not to miss his single act. His was a brilliant performance making the spectators laugh, sing, clap and enjoy completely. He is not only funny in movies reading scripted lines, he was actually very witty and made the audience laugh at every of his one liners and situational jokes. He was a darling as he interacted with the patients, the audience, like he is among one of them. I could not sense a single sting of ego which mostly big stars carry with them. Still as he was a star, I was little scared to go near him. After his scintillating performance, he came down from the stage and all lights were switched on. I was to get him interviewed with the Aaj Tak channel but people were just not letting him free. I broke the crowd and went near him. He was meeting and wishing everyone as if he knows them since childhood. I was amazed to see that he knows everyone and it’s only me who would be a stranger to him. I started clicking his picture with my phone to show to my family that I stood so near him (till that time I was not sure if I would get a chance to get clicked with him). After awhile, I finally got to speak with him and I seeked his permission of giving an interview to Aaj Tak. His reply was, ohh sure sure, tell them to come. I requested him to please stand in front of the banner and he ASKED me the place where should he stand, idhar khada hou main ya udhar… tell me where??? ohhh my God, celebrities can actually be so adorable. After an overwhelming interview I accumulated the courage of asking him for a photograph with me. I gave my phone to his assistant and asked for a favour of clicking my picture with him. As I went near him to ask for a picture together, he instantly said, sure come and he held his hand on my arm on the other side holding it tight like hugging me facing the camera. I started to tremble and then suddenly I heard him saying, “You also do Jaddu ki Jappi”. Ohhh my God...., I also put my arm at his waist and held it tight from behind but my arm was so small to even reach the other side of his waistline. I was so tiny and our standing together sight gave people the impression as if a “khali” has hugged “Rajpal Yadav”. He is a dinasour and I am a swirrel. He is standing at 3rd floor and I am at ground floor. He is big grandfather and I am his just born granddaughter. I remembered my client saying that he is on strict diet and has lost lot of weight. I thought that if he would have met me before losing weight then I would not have even reached to hold his half part of the waist.

I was in dreams thinking of him and the picture was clicked. I went to see my pic and the cameraman (Boman’s assistant) said the picture is not clear as the flash was off. Ohh noo.. 1 pic and that too not clear. I asked the assistant if I should go again and disturb him for a silly thing like this then he told me to switch on the flash and go ahead. I went again and asked him ki “sir picture achi nai aai”… his reply “picture achi nai aai to come-on, mukesh (his assistant)  click good picture this time, come onn"… heheheheheh… that means Boman also wanted to get clicked with me ;) he seems so happy and got ready for a second posing. Click click click ;) hehehehehe… I thanked him for letting me get a picture again with him and his reply, “ek baar aur dekh lo ki picture thik aa gai” otherwise he was ready for a 3rd time posing and clicking with me.. hmmm Naughty…His generosity and humbleness took my breath and made me fall in love with him.

It is not a big deal for him but it was one of the memorable experiences of my life and ofcourse who falls in love with a 50 year old daily. During the dinner time as I held my plate, I was only thinking the hug, the jadu ki jappi, his kind words and his face throughout the evening. I didn't listen to what my boss was telling me to do and instructing me the office work for tomorrow as I was constantly thinking about Boman with a constant grin on my face J

After the party was over, my boss dropped me at nearby metro station and I immediately took my phone out of my bag and wrote a message, “yippe I met Boman Irani today and he hugged me tight :P” copy pasting and sending to all my contact list. Then my phone didn’t stop beeping… from congratulations messages to jealous posts to blessing texts for another 2 hours. Only by getting a chance to get clicked with a star makes you a temporary star among your near and dear ones. Anyways, the smirk and grin was not leaving my lips and throughout the journey I could only see his face flashing in front of my eyes. As I reached closer to my home, I thought that the eventful night is about to end and just before climbing stairs, my sandal strap broke again making me climb the stairs with bare foot. Who cares now, I don’t need you was my reply to my sandal….. As I reached home, I woke everyone from their slumber and started to narrate everything that happened to me and Boman. With the excitement he showed to get clicked with me, I think that either he has also fallen in love with me or he has decided to adopt me (Looking at my picture everyone was saying that he is looking like my grandfather). No probs, I am happy either way, just want to get associated with him through any relation, be his girlfriend or his granddaughter ;-)

Thank you Boman for an action-packed evening J I am happy I got a chance to meet you.

Now that I did it all that Cindrella did, from cleaning house to getting ready to meet my dream man and breaking my sandal, will Boman come looking for me too matching the size of the footwear ;-)